The Cornucopia Majesty Yacht – Your NYC Cruise:

Take your New York City events to the next level aboard the beautiful and luxurious Cornucopia Majesty Yacht! This great cruise ship is built to be the perfect home for your celebrations. Celebrate your next birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, July 4th, or any special event aboard the Cornucopia Majesty Yacht. This luxury party ship is built for your enjoyment and comfort and has over 30,000 square feet of space for you to enjoy.

The Cornucopia Majesty Yacht has enough space to accommodate up to 1,200 party-loving guests onboard. The yachts contains multiple levels with both indoor and outdoor decks for you to enjoy. Enjoy beautiful views as you sail on the Cornucopia Majesty Yacht and take in the sights of the New York. Catch views of the city skyline, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and other landmarks as you sail on this amazing yacht.

The yacht is equipped with multiple dance floors, bars, restrooms, and even a VIP room! Enjoy a meal in one of the dining rooms onboard and enjoy a luxurious night out on this great yacht. The Cornucopia Majesty Yacht is built to give you the royal treatment and have you feeling as if you’re an A-list celebrity! Check out our events aboard the Cornucopia Majesty Yacht and set sail on an unforgettable cruise through the city this year.

Upcoming Events

2018 Independence Day Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard the Cornucopia Majesty Yacht

07/04/2018 5:30 PM

Starts at $139

Celebrate July 4th aboard a luxurious and spacious yacht this year. Party with us on the Cornucopia Majesty this year and set sail on our NYC July 4th cruise! Sail with your family on this great yacht and enjoy a July 4th experience like no other this year. Check out all that this NYC July […]

Halloween Goes Hollywood Aboard the Cornucopia Majesty Yacht

10/27/2018 7:00 PM

Starts at $30

Think about holidays that really get the best out of nightlife. Chances are you only have two in mind, and the one that we’re referring to isn’t New Year’s Eve. Halloween is undoubtably an epic evening that everyone anticipates. But while this year it falls on a Wednesday, folks are looking to get the most […]

Eyes Wide Shut Midnight Dance Party Cruise Aboard the Cornucopia Majesty Yacht

10/27/2018 11:45 PM

Starts at $30.00

When Halloween comes around this year, are you going to be stuck in the line of some random nightclub? Will you be fighting your way to pony up to a bar that you’ve been to a thousand times before? Don’t be another late night New York City casualty this coming Halloween. Join us on the […]